UK Public Holidays 2021 (England, Wales, Scotland, Northern Ireland)

Below you can find public holidays in the UK, England, Wales and Scotland for 2021. In bold text is marked common public holidays (bank holidays) for all of the UK. With regular text is marked days that differ between England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland.

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Date Day Holiday
2021-01-01 Friday New Year's Day
2021-04-02 Friday Good Friday
2021-04-04 Sunday Easter Day
2021-04-05 Monday Easter Monday#
2021-05-03 Monday May Day
2021-05-31 Monday Spring Bank Holiday
2021-08-02 Monday Summer Bank Holiday*
2021-08-30 Monday Summer Bank Holiday#
2021-12-25 Saturday Christmas Day
2021-12-26 Sunday Boxing Day
2021-12-27 Monday Bank Holiday
2021-12-28 Tuesday Bank Holiday
* = In Scotland
# = In England, Wales and Northern Ireland