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Opening hours for nearest Games in London

This Londis is located 251.1 km from here.

Regular Opening Hours (Not valid during holidays!):

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01457 862122
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About Londis

Londis is convenience store chain made up of independent retail grocers. With joint purchasing, marketing, store development and IT Londis can offer competitive prices and good quality food. Londis grocery and convenience stores are often located close to the customers allowing people to walk instead of taking the car to buy groceries. For Londis local grocery store, look no further.

Alternatives to Londis

There are many grocery stores in the UK providing fresh food and staples. There are big well know food store chains such as Tesco, ASDA, Morrisons, SPAR, Waitrose, The Co-operative Food and Sainsbury's. There are also a few newer ones such as Aldi and Lidl focusing on low cost food. Whole Foods Market with a focus on ecological and green. Iceland with frozen food and Wing Yip with Asian groceries and speciality foods. Opening hours to these foor stores can be found on

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